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Close Up Radio Spotlights Bonnie Kowaliuk of Senses Mindfulness Coaching

Dr. Richard Davidson at USC Center for Mindfulness Science

Meditation - Is It for Me? Featuring Myself and Carla Archer

Learning & Development in the Remote World

Self-Care Festival Insider Interview with Bonnie Kowaliuk

Festival Social Media Posts

Anxiety Summit

Mindfulness for Teachers: The Science and Practice

Upcoming Event: Restore!

Upcoming Events!

Learning and Growing Always

2019 At A Glance!

Workplace Wellness Summit

Mindful Parenting

Quick View of Up Coming Events

Music Assisted Mindfulness Group


REINVENT - Workplace Wellness Workshop

An Awakened Family Retreat!

STMU Personal Success Seminar: Becoming Stress-Less

Music Assisted Mindfulness Group Sept 13 – Nov 15,

Inspire: Event Brochure

Woman's Wellness Retreat - Postponed

Workshop Retreat Descriptions

Interview with Global News

Leaders with Emotional intelligence have .... By Daniel Goleman

The Struggle Between Emotional and Logical in the Brain

10 Big Companies That Promote Employee Meditation

Senses 2018 Events at a Glance

Mindfulness Caregivers Workshop Update

Brain Breifs Right Brain, Left Brain: A Misnomer

Mindfulness Isn’t the Answer to Everything. Here’s When It Helps


Calm,Cool and Collected

Mindfulness Stress Reduction And Healing

Holding Pain Part 1

Holding Pain Part 2

GIM Guided Session Sample

GIM White light Induction

We All Need to Hear This! MUST WATCH!!

Links to Current Research Findings & Related Resources

Guided Imagery and Music

Database on GIM Literature

YouTube Links

Additional Resources

Music Transforms Consciousness

GIM-Relevant Theses

Dissertations on GIM from Aalborg University

Prana Yoga Festival #yyc


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