Learning and growing. Always.

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Learning and growing: it’s part of who I am.

A register social worker, music therapist, mindfulness-certified teacher, an MBA Leadership…

And after a year of coursework, workshops, theory and study…I’m embarking on the final 6 months of CTI Certification!

Why share this news?

I want you on this path with me. To take your aspiration for change and growth, and embark on a transformational coaching journey.

For you to achieve your wellness, life and workplace goals.

All at an outstanding value.

But, I can only take 8-10 clients on this journey.

Before I get ahead of myself (it happens)…

What’s CTI?

Coaches Training Institute, or CTI, is one of the longest operating and most established life, wellness and business coach training programs in the world.

In its research and coaching model—a model that I’ve been inspired by since I started Senses Mindfulness Coaching—CTI is the “Gold Standard” (Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital).

Training and certification are intensive.

CTI trains coaches in the Co-Active model. A model that emphasizes the inner-strength, creativity and resiliency of human beings—of you. This model helps you to realize the change you’re looking for.

But, that’s not just some claim.

The Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, has show the connection between the Co-Active model and positive outcomes. Meaning you get the best in coaching when you work with a co-active coach.

Source: https://coactive.com/why-cti

“Are you still a mindfulness coach?”

For the last 2 years, I’ve been working with inspiring individuals and innovative organizations.

Helping them to achieve their wellness goals. Helping them to live and develop more mindful lives and workplace cultures. That won’t change.

Whether you’re looking to renew your life or your workplace, I still bring mindfulness-based skills and music therapy to my work.

Why? Because, they work. (You can see client testimonials, here.)

By adding the skills and tools I’ve learned through CTI, you will get an even more effective, proven and powerful coaching experience. 

If you’ve been waiting for a sign…seize this opportunity.

During our time together, I will work with you to achieve your wellness, workplace or life goals. Helping you to uncover your inner-strength and resilience.

Your co-active coaching begins with a discovery session. We discuss your aspirations and identify your unique strengths and challenges.

Then, twice a month for the next 6 months, we will meet for 60 – 90 minutes—charting your path to deep and lasting change.

The Cost:

My wish is to make this limited opportunity affordable for you and feasible for me. Each person has a unique financial situation.

I will work with you and your needs to find the right price.

But, this offer is limited. I can only take 8-10 people…and I want you to take this journey. For yourself, for your organization, for your life.

Please get in touch before these spots fill-up. Talk to me. And begin your co-active transformation with Senses Mindfulness Coaching.

Click here, or pick up your phone and call: (403) 519-1959.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Bonnie Kowaliuk  is a coach, businesswoman and entrepreneur with a passion for the transformative power of music, mindfulness and learning. She is the owner and sole-proprietor of Senses Mindfulness Coaching.

When she’s not building the capacity for change, you can find her singing (on stage and in her car), playing guitar, spending time with family, supporting local charities and traveling the world.