Self Assessment

Over the course of the next week, your challenge will be to just focus all of your awareness and attention on your arms. Find a way to explore how they feel, what you carry and hold in your arms. What is important for you to hold and carry? Really feel the weight, strength, the capacity of your arms…. What do you carry here that does not serve you? Is there unnecessary tension, fatigue, pain, agitation, wear and tear?

What do they need to release and let go of these things that you carry or hold that does not serve you. As your daily practice, in the morning when you arise and then again when you lay to rest, breathe into all the spaces and places of your arms, bringing awareness and attention to what your arms need. Before you begin this weekly challenge after day one, journal or draw a picture of the state of your arms before you begin this practice.

On day seven revisit and check in with the state of your arms. Has something shifted? How do they feel and if they have something to say what would it be? Write your thoughts, feelings and sensations down or draw an image that conveys how they are feeling after a seven day check in.