“Bonnie creates a safe and secure container by being therapeutically present in concert with the traveller who identifies a vision for health, wellness and personal/professional growth that overtime manifests and unfolds at a pace and depth which matches and meets the individual’s needs in the moment and session by session.”



In a busy life we can often find ourselves struggling with emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress, and more. Living life carrying the weight of this emotional baggage depletes our energy and draws us into conflicts that create a downward spiral. We end up living our lives not to the best of our ability, but to the best of our current emotional capacity. Without an emotional breather, that capacity gets smaller and smaller. Mindfulness coaching, whether it be 1 on 1 or within a group format, creates a safe and contained space in which to explore various states of consciousness for the purpose of healing, psychotherapy, self-development, and spiritual work which can involve spontaneous imaging in an expanded state of conscious to pre-designed classical music programs. It affords the Traveller (client) with an opportunity to explore untapped horizons into themselves, making the unconscious conscious while exploring hidden potential/gifts and resources that were and are not being accessed to full capacity. Do you want to be or become your personal best? Do you have this aspiration for those you care about or work with? Then Senses Mindfulness Coaching may be a path to explore and visit on your life’s journey.

What am I getting?

The Senses Mindfulness Coaching sessions let you take a moment to explore and discover ways to restore your mental health and performance. The Senses music assisted mindfulness sessions are based on years of study in the fields of psychiatry, music and psychotherapy, psychology, neuroscience relative to understanding brain-based approaches to maximizing optimal health and well-being learning and memory (focused attention & social/emotional intelligence).

So what might you ask is in this for me? Let me ask you the following 5 questions and you can answer this for yourself?

  1. Are you seeking least intrusive approaches or adjuncts to current interventions that would support your optimal health & well-being?
  2. Would you like to be empowered to discover who you are, your gifts, internal resources and capacity to tap into solutions that are best fit for you?
  3. Do you struggle with mental focus, clarity, and peace of mind? Would you like to learn some approaches that facilitate these personal needs/goals?
  4. Are you worried about the side effects of powerful psychotropic medications or the compounding effects that these meds have in combination to help manage mental health concerns that have plagued you for some time? Then this approach may help reduce the the dosage and/or even enhance the efficacy of them over time.
  5. Would you like to be more creative, relaxed, gaining personal and transpersonal insights for your own growth, healing and transformation?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, then this approach might be a good fit for your own mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness. Mindfulness coaching may be a means to your own personal ends to attaining and maintaining optimal performance and health, whether it be at work, at play, in your personal and professional realms as well as in the culture you are trying to create both at home as a family or at work with your colleagues.

What's Included?

In our mindfulness coaching sessions we’ll blend your creative brain to help understand the unresolved emotional challenges that can free us from limiting our possibilities. Each individual client works with a trained facilitator in a session from one to two hours (contingent upon the length of the music program and other variables), taking place in a comfortable professional setting. As this service offers a mobile delivery options, sessions can be scheduled to take place at the Senses Mindfulness Coaching Office, in their homes, or at their place of work. However, please note that the mobile service is an upcharge to cover the costs associated with travel to and from the client’s preferred delivery location.

An initial consultation session would afford the client and mindfulness coach the opportunity to build rapport, discussing the expectation of the coaching sessions, current & relevant personal history, goals and intentions for the process work. The client, after an initial pre-talk, would be invited to recline on a mattress, couch, or a comfortable chair, at which time the facilitator would provide relaxation and focusing suggestions to prepare the client to interact with the music listening programs selected.

The mindfulness coach chooses music programs based on the needs of the client as presented during the pre-talk and most programs consist of specifically sequenced classical music. Through the use of specific questions which focus on fostering attention, elevated awareness, and sensing of both internal and external experience, the client is directed to engage directly and indirectly with the the music, allowing it to become a vehicle for exploring and uncovering dimensions of both imagination and deeper consciousness. As unconscious and semiconscious material comes to the surface, the facilitator encourages the client to interact with and notice whatever comes to conscious awareness without judgement/analysis while the music is playing. Upon sessions end, the mindfulness coach helps the client to integrate the images and make SENSE of their internal experience and inner journey relative to insight, meaning, and application into life in the now.

Mindfulness coaching can engage groups of individuals of 6-8 people in music assisted mindfulness that is less specific to the needs of the individuals within the group, but focuses more on addressing common themes and goals that are common to the group members. Group sessions are adaptive and closed to the needs of each group. On average, most group session run 8 weeks in length and are approximately one hour in length. They are similar in format to a 1 on 1 session however, during the music listening component, the travellers engage in 1-2 pieces of music without ongoing direction or dialogue. Pre and post -talks are a hallmark of the group work as well as the incorporation of arts-based approaches to help further process and ground the individuals in their experience. Some adaptations in the group sessions may include projective listening, active relaxation listening that is narrated to directed music imaging or active dialogue between participants and the guide during the listening experience itself. All groups are customized to the needs of the individuals and can be offered at the Senses Mindfulness Coaching location or provided onsite (offices, staff/organizational retreats, workshops, team building events, or family sessions at home).

Benefits of Senses Mindfulness Coaching

Clients leave with a renewed and empowered sense of self. Consequently, they uncover parts of themselves, their lives, and potential relative to healing and transforming their health, their work, their relationships, sense of meaning, and purpose as well as connection to spiritual aspects of themselves and their lives. Transformational leadership, whether it be in our roles as parents, teachers, athletic coaches, high executive mentors, and community role models, we are influenced by our past (good and bad), it takes a strong person with courage to heal themselves and their lives from the inside out. Health, wellness, prosperity, and peace of mind are all an inside job. My mother always said, “your health is your wealth,” regardless of whether that is personally or interpersonally.

So Senses Mindfulness Coaching offers unique service delivery options that are based on the premises that most physicians espouse to -” Physician heal thyself,” sometimes quoted in the Latin form Cura te ipsum (heal thyself), proverb found in Luke 4:23. So if we take this quote and delve deeper into the metaphoric realm of the human psyche, “doing miracles in your hometown like those that you did in Capernaum,” can translate into many realities - ourselves, our family homes, school communities, places of work and communities at large. Healing starts from the place of the individual and our services are tailored specifically to the needs of each person/group. This customized approach to support, health and optimal day to day functioning has the potential to impact issues related to:

  • Enhancing mental focus, concentration & memory
  • Supporting those with issues around impulse/self control and executive functioning
  • Increasing body awareness (re: mind-body connection) relative to understanding chronic health problems or improving mental conditioning relative to sports/athletic performance
  • Adjunct to pain management & pain control
  • Supporting mental health interventions relative to addressing issues around depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief & complex grief, trauma etc.
  • Stress and sleep management
  • Discovering maladaptive coping strategies and enhancing awareness and choices around change and integration of more effective means to cope with stress (positive and negative)
  • Developing conscious awareness of blind spots and improving self-understanding/depth of self
  • Aid to transformational and organizational change
  • Support for those in high stress work situations/environments that are in need of self-care and acquiring strategies are are adaptive and address burn-out
  • Exploring and understanding relationship dynamics and development within family systems and within organizational teams.
  • Helping individuals access their creativity and promote sense of purpose/meaning of life
  • Foster and explore the development of spirituality and deeper sense of self, relative to others in relationship as well as in the broader community

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GIM is a very mindful way to look at different aspects of yourself in a kind and loving way.

Bonnie's approach is friendly, as well as professional. She helps you to feel that you are "in...

It really helps you find out things about yourself and motivates you to move forward in life....

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