Meditation – Is It for Me? Featuring Myself and Carla Archer

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Carla Archer – Helping you Work on Your Wellness

Meditation – Is it For Me?

Mindfulness is so key to our overall happiness, health and who were are as a human.

Join me as I talk with Bonnie Kowaliuk of Senses Mindfulness Coaching. Bonnie is a Mindfulness Coach and Transformational Leadership Consultant and Director of The Man Wave Movement Charity for Men.

Whether you have a meditaiton practice, are thinking about a meditation practice or wonder if it is for you, Bonnie will offer us some ideas and ways to find a meditation that suits us and fits our lifestyle.

Mindfulness and Meditation improves mental health, lowers stress, anxiety and helps you connect with what is going on with you.

It doesn’t have to be candles and chanting it can be as simple as sitting in silence for mear moments.

Join us a learn more about Meditation, Bonnie’s on line Meditation she is offering during the month of April and about Ride The Wave Into Men’s Wellness Charity.

Bonnie will be offering a short meditation at the end for you to try.

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