“Bonnie’s approach is friendly, as well as professional. She helps you to feel that you are “in good hands”.”

1.  What were some of the benefits or take aways from being involved with the GIM process?  How long were you engaged?

I have been engaged for over a year now, and the GMI process has been extremely helpful. First with my depression, second with opening up some more opportunities in life, and third, but not least,  to manifest my house!

2.  Describe Bonnie’s coaching approach and style. What was it in this process with her that you connected with?

Bonnie’s approach is friendly, as well as professional.  She helps you to feel that you are “in good hands”. She uses a combination of the relaxation, visialization, music, and at the end helps the client to “wrap up” with a mandala and reflection of what transpired during the session. All that makes her coaching special. I connected more with the visualizations because they seemed to come out of nowhere, yet when analized, had a lot of meaning.

3.  Would you recommend Senses Mindfulness Coaching to your family, friends, colleagues and’/or professional networks? Why?

Oh, yes!  Because she is very professional and because I believe that with all the different tools/techniques that she uses, each person can connect differently but eventually they’ll be one -or many- that will resonate and help her/him to heal or at least understand what is happening in their lives.

4.  How did this process transform and assist in your personal and/or professional growth and development?  How and what did you heal?

This process helped me to go through my depression understanding what was under it, helped me feel more protected in life and to understand my need to be more assertive in my communication. It helped me heal the void I felt with my loving relatives that had passed away, coming to understand how connected I am to them, and they with me.

5.  What was the single most important gain/positive outcome that stands out for you?

The way I was lead by the guidance of my dad, to find the house that I wanted to manifest and understood why the other deals didn’t go through.  

Thanks again for all your help, support and willingness to be open to this life changing work.  I hope that you continue to work with the images, insights and wonderings allowing them to continue to fill you and be a source of inspiration and growth. Thank you!  It has been really rewarding and fruitful!  I really appreciate all your work, your help, and your personal guidance!  You are an angel!

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