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Does your workplace have a strategic wellness plan?

Greater Wellness

There is no better time to build a mindful workplace—an organization that brings an innovative and proactive approach to health and wellness. Senses Mindfulness Coaching is here to help you foster a culture of change and resiliency.

Workplace stress is on the rise.

Millennials—your growing workforce talent—are prioritizing work-life balance, unlike any generation before them. Meanwhile, workplace stress is increasing, and it sure is affecting your business.

Stressed-out workers might become disengaged and lose sight of effective solutions. Research shows that in Canada, 78% of employees say they missed work because of poor mental health. And of that 78%, 34% missed two or more months of work.

But there is hope. Employees who learn how to manage their stress outperform their coworkers by 202% 

Mindfulness in the workplace is a best practice.

Mindfulness supports the physical, emotional, and mental health of organizational teams and leaders.

Workplaces are changing, being forced to adapt and be resilient.  A learning and growth-minded culture is a leading edge one.  When we respond versus react, leaders and teams are more resourceful, creative and able to cope in healtier and positive ways. Businesses, non-profits, institutions, and some of the world’s largest corporations are integrating mindfulness into their operations to enjoy its science-backed benefits, which include:

  • Improving attention, cognition, emotions, behaviour, and physiology.
  • Allowing people to remain vigilant on both visual and listening tasks.
  • Affecting interpersonal behaviour and workgroup relationships.
  • Enhancing workplace processes that rely on effective teamwork and leadership.

“Bonnie’s approach is friendly, as well as professional. She helps you to feel that you are “in good hands”.

Senses can help leaders and organizations foster a culture of mindfulness.

Senses Mindfulness Coaching collaborates with your organization to develop a wellness framework that you can build upon, maintaining your workplace uniqueness and embracing a mindful philosophy.

Our workplace wellness services can help you transform your workforce and nurture a thriving organization by:

Developing mindful leaders

We mentor organizational leaders to help them manifest mindful and healthy leadership. The goal is to foster deeper awareness, integrate practical skills, and forward the action.

Building mindful teams

We work with organizational teams to increase cooperation, effective communication, and creative problem-solving. Together, we establish an adaptive and responsive mindset and open the door to new possibilities.

Senses offers customized mindfulness coaching services to meet your organizational needs.

Senses Mindfulness Coaching meets your organization where it’s at, guiding you in transforming your workplace wellness culture.

We employ evidence-based mindfulness approaches to leadership coaching and team coaching. All our services can be delivered onsite or online. 

“It really helps you find out things about yourself and motivates you to move forward in life.”

Ready to start healing? Book a complimentary discovery call or team lunch and learn with Bonnie Kowaliuk, your Senses coach, to find out how we can help.

See where your Senses journey can take you and those you care deeply about.

“Bonnie is a fabulous Guided Imagery & Music practitioner. I love the compassion and depth she brings to her work!”

Tracy Lowe

Island GIM

“Bonnie’s coaching has helped us in our work environment by determining our focus and where our priorities align as a team. “

Kurstyn MacLellan

eXmerce Barter Inc.

Bonnie has personally helped me breakthrough some blocks. Her approach is supportive and effective.

Jenna Lessner

Simply Nurtured

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