GIM is a very mindful way to look at different aspects of yourself in a kind and loving way.

1. What were some of the benefits or take aways from being involved with the GIM process? How long were you engaged?

I have benefited from the GIM process by now being aware that some of my beliefs about myself and pressures from my family had different meanings than the ones I put on myself. I have also noticed different patterns and thought processes that my brain goes through and have tried to modify my thought process as I am more aware of my internal dialogue. I have been involved since September 2016

2. Describe Bonnie’s coaching approach and style. What was it in this process with her that you connected with?

Bonnie is very approachable, trusting and kind. Her calmness is soothing. Just her general personality and demeanour allowed me to be purely honest to her without any personal judgement.

3. Would you recommend Senses Mindfulness Coaching to your family, friends, colleagues and’/or professional networks? Why?

Yes! GIM is a very mindful way to look at different aspects of yourself in a kind and loving way. The music brings out different emotions that I connected with in both positive and negative ways. It is very interesting to notice certain aspects about myself, that I wasn’t aware of, until I went through GIM.

4. How did this process transform and assist in your personal and/or professional growth and development? How and what did you heal?

I have learned to be more accepting of myself, my family and my friends. I have learned that certain beliefs that I had, had another meaning to them. I have also learned how to be more emotionally open and not try to hide my core being.

5. What was the single most important gain/positive outcome that stands out for you?

Beliefs I had about the way I was raised and how I become uncomfortable with intense emotions.