“Her caring, soft and gentle approach allowed me to be myself so I could relax and enter a meditative state with ease.”

1. What were some of the benefits or take aways from being involved with the GIM process? How long were you engaged?

GIM process validated that classical music and meditation have a profound effect on me.
This process enabled me to surrender my ego so that my higher self could come forward, thus allowing me to hear my hearts desires.
Because I am an analytical person, I end up ruminating over things until I can’t hear the answers anymore. Therefore this process provided me with mental and emotional clarity. I was able to see things more clearly, and therefore had a better sense of the direction I wanted my life to take.

This process helped me to dissolve conflicts, heal past emotional pain, and resolve many emotions of grief, anxiety, anger, fear and confusion.

2. Describe Bonnie’s coaching approach and style. What was it in this process with her that you connected with?

Bonnie’s coaching style allowed for me to engage easily into the GIM relationship with her. She is a compassionate, kind, approachable, and empathetic person who helped me to feel safe, and comfortable in the sessions. This is essential because the sessions can leave you feeling vulnerable and emotional, as hidden emotions come to the surface.

Her caring, soft and gentle approach allowed me to be myself so I could relax and enter a meditative state with ease. I completely trusted her and thus, entered this relationship feeling totally supported.

Bonnie is organized, knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. She was detailed and thorough in her explanation and description of the GIM process, which helped me to feel at ease right from the beginning.

One of the things I appreciated the most, was Bonnie’s intuitive ability to know which piece of music I needed to work on each and every session. And she has an innate ability to help you uncover the symbolism, and meaning in the words, emotions and art you present in each session.

3. Would you recommend Senses Mindfulness Coaching to your family, friends, colleagues and’/or professional networks? Why?

I have already recommended Senses Mindfulness Coaching to many of my friends because the GIM process has been so powerful and life changing for me. I will continue to share my experience with others in hopes that they too can benefit from Senses Mindfulness Coaching. I am very grateful for the many GIM sessions Bonnie facilitated for me.

4. How did this process transform and assist in your personal and/or professional growth and development? How and what did you heal?

I grew so much during this process. As a result of all of my GIM sessions, I now have a better sense of who I am, what I want and how I present myself to others. I am now able to speak my truth, stand up for my beliefs, setting healthy boundaries in relationships, resolve conflicts way more effectively and most importantly, take action steps towards my once clouded dreams.

Today I walk with confidence, finally believing in myself and trusting that I know what is best for me and my loved ones. This process helped me learn, there are no limits to what I can achieve, when I believe in myself.

5. What was the single most important gain/positive outcome that stands out for you?

The most amazing and important gain, I received from this process was: Healing my life-long piano performance anxiety. At the age of 3, a piano recital left me feeling embarrassed and upset. From that day forward, (even though I didn’t know why, until years later) I was petrified of playing piano in front of others. I suffered from performance anxiety for over 39 years.

I was born with a gift for playing piano and I am finally able to share my gifts with others. Bonnie and the GIM process reminded me of these beautiful gifts and for that I will always feel deeply grateful for. Thank you Bonnie, from the bottom of my heart. You helped me find my sense of harmony again and now I’m on my way to fulfilling my life’s purpose.

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