“It really helps you find out things about yourself and motivates you to move forward in life.”

1. What were some of the benefits or take aways from being involved with the GIM process? How long were you engaged?

I have been having GIM sessions with Bonnie for the past 6 months or so. They have been very beneficial in helping me uncover and release old patterns and to bring awareness and discovery about myself. It’s like something buried deep gets unlocked and comes to the surface to bring awareness to it. Then you can deal with it and let it go. Her sessions usually last about 2 hours and the time seems to fly by.

2. Describe Bonnie’s coaching approach and style. What was it in this process with her that you connected with?

Bonnie has a calm and gentle style. She is engaging and really cares about what she is doing. She puts you at ease and that makes it easy to relax and really get lost in the music.

3. Would you recommend Senses Mindfulness Coaching to your family, friends, colleagues and’/or professional networks? Why?

I would recommend Bonnie’s coaching to anyone. It really helps you find out things about yourself and motivates you to move forward in life. It helps you deal with difficult situations by finding a different solution or a different way of looking at things.

4. How did this process transform and assist in your personal and/or professional growth and development? How and what did you heal?

It has helped me uncover things from my childhood that made me who I am. It uncovered the reason for self esteem issues that I had been carrying for years and never understood why. Once it’s uncovered you can look back on your life and then realize why you made certain choices and allowed people to treat you poorly. It makes you stronger, once you become aware and you can change or not tolerate being put down. For me it was being teased by a sibling thru out  childhood and then realized the effect it had on self esteem and self worth. Being told you are not good enough the way you were really effected me.  I talked to my sibling about this and made her aware of this. It felt good to get that off my chest

5. What was the single most important gain/positive outcome that stands out for you?

The most important gain is being more peaceful and more confident in myself. I feel that I am stronger and ready to let go of the past and move forward and make great things happen for me.  It feels like layers have been peeled away and a new me is emerging. I am enough.