Where will your Senses journey lead you?

Greater Wellness

If you are a man struggling to find mental wellness, you are not alone. How important is your peace of mind and health to you and your loved ones? Are you family member, work colleague or employer seeking to find effective mental health resources to support your home and work space?

Senses can help you guide the way in your healing journey.

Perhaps you as a man are suffering in silence from chronic stress, severe anxiety, or unresolved trauma. Perhaps you are feeling lost and unclear as to who or where to turn for support and help. These challenges might be affecting your ability to grow, secure and maintain work, and develop meaningful and healthy relationships. Or maybe, you are simply looking to prioritize your overall wellbeing and health to rise and thrive.

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place.

Senses Mindfulness Coaching blends mindfulness practices, guided imagery ,meditation, music psychotherapy, and co-active coaching protocols to help men heal.
We will empower you, your dad, son, partner, friend, team and workplace to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Let’s talk about men’s mental health.

In Canada, men’s suicide rates are 3x higher compared to women’s. Yet, men are less likely to ask for help, often associating vulnerability with weakness and lack of manhood.

We recognize that seeking help is not easy. It takes courage to face your mental health challenges and build that resiliency muscle over time.

Yet, we believe we all have the capacity to reach inner-wellness. Sometimes we just need the resources and guidance to discover our innate strengths and get there.

What would being healthy and strong really be and feel like from the inside out? Strength in a man’s world has been framed to be more physical than mental and definitely not emotional. Men who cry are labelled as weak and insecure. Men who show real emotions and vulnerability are deemed as oversensitive and unable to lead effectively as it is referenced as the proverbial juggler.

As shot to the heart that leaves one open to suffering and pain. Yet what if men and families were guided in a manner to embrace suffering and to reframe the misconceptions of what it is to be “real” man. 

Good men and good leaders exhibit and exercise the capacities to:

  • Know, trust and respect themselves
  • Be aware of their blind spots, maladaptive ways of coping and triggers
  • Honour their values and beliefs; they stand tall into what is truly important
  • Nurture and build their character by owning their mistakes and their inadequacies
  • Be confident and laser focused when it comes to decision make and problem solving
  • Create a balanced and harmonious life both personally and professionally
  • Value and foster healthy relationships and teams that are uplifting, supportive compassionate and accepting
  • Be aligned with their inner compass and inner leader to light and guide the way for others as beacon of inner strength, resiliency and tenancy

Senses Mindfulness Coaching will help you or your loved one navigate life’s challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Trauma
  • Sleep problems
  • And many more!

Senses Mindfulness Coaching will empower you.

Men are not one-dimensional, and neither is our hybrid model of care. At Senses Mindfulness Coaching, we provide tailored coaching because we see and hear you as a unique and whole human being. Your voice. Your story.

It makes sense for young men 18 – 45 to pursue coaching support as this type of intervention is empowering, collaborative and unveiling. What young man does not want to feel emplowered, enabled, resourceful and confident to lead and be the captain of his own ship of life? Who does not want to be looked up to and valued for who one truly is in the heart of what really matters in his life?

Lead your life with confidence, true purpose and meaning now not tomorrow! Learn to face your fears and release your doubts and insecurities to the wind. Be who you are meant to be today in this present moment. That is the essence of leadership!

Whether through one-on-one or group sessions, our customized coaching programs will support your needs, including: Improving mental health and wellness; offerings.

  • Managing stress and anxiety
    Optimizing learning and performance
  • Finding a sense of purpose
  • Discovering better self-care habits
  • Nurturing your relationships
  • Cultivating a healthier workplace
  • We will teach you practical and proven strategies to build a strong wellness path.
  • Visit our services page for more information about our coaching offerings.

Initial Consultation

Clients will be invited to attend an initial complimentary consultation with Bonnie to learn about mindfulness coaching and her unique approach to music and mindfulness relative coaching around personal and professional applications, benefits and outcomes. The initial phone consultation takes approximately 30 minutes which involves information sharing of the process, background, needs and benefits. Initial intake and self-assessment forms will be forwarded after the consult in preparation for the 90 minute trial session, which allows clients to ascertain fit and readiness.

The 90 minute trial exploration is gifted to potential clients to explore and expand their human potential and capacity to live fully at an invitational offer of $97. At the end of the introduction, Bonnie in collaboration with the client, will ascertain good fit and the next steps to proceed with this modality moving forward.

These sessions can be tailored to be conducted onsite at her office or a mobile service extended to those who would like to experience mindfulness coaching in the comfort and security of their office or home.

Senses Mindfulness Coaching

Senses Mindfulness Coaching strives to empower clients with the capacity to heal and support health interventions by integrating mindfulness practices that employ relaxation techniques which support the reduction of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, grief/complex loss and other related mental/physical health issues which can interfere with one’s ability to cope and function optimally, personally and professionally.

Senses Mindfulness employs a unique collaborative approach using age old mindfulness techniques which when paired with the use of music, have the ability to support the client’s inner resources and ways to knowing; thus increasing self-awareness (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) and the ability to tap into the body/psyche’s natural ways to restore homeostasis and balance to systems which are taxed and stressed by multiple variables.

Bonnie over the course of the past 5 years has been working with individuals, groups & organizations who want to understand how to access other ways of healing and learning steeped brain-based leadership approaches that help to transform individuals and whole systems.

Senses Mindfulness Coaching is about building capacity to support, optimize & transform health (physical and psychological), education and leadership.  Music assisted mindfulness techniques when paired with the skillful art of conscious coaching can to empower and support preventative health, medical, educational, leadership & mental health interventions and whole systems seeking to manage growth, change and reinvent new ways of thinking, believing and responding in a fast paced, unpredictable world that is continuously evolving and shifting. Senses Mindfulness invites you to embark on this evolutionary journey in a conscious way. Making the unconscious, conscious!

“Bonnie is a fabulous Guided Imagery & Music practitioner. I love the compassion and depth she brings to her work!”

Tracy Lowe

Island GIM

“Bonnie’s coaching has helped us in our work environment by determining our focus and where our priorities align as a team. “

Kurstyn MacLellan

eXmerce Barter Inc.

Bonnie has personally helped me breakthrough some blocks. Her approach is supportive and effective.

Jenna Lessner

Simply Nurtured