“I always looked forward to our sessions and her guidance on how I could work to heal my life.”

1.  What were some of the benefits or take aways from being involved with the GIM process?  How long were you engaged?

I have been participating in GIM with Bonnie since September 2015 (Bonnie change this if I am wrong) and have found it to be a very healing process. Through the guided imagery and music sessions many subconscious patterns in my life have arisen. I have been able to recognize them and deal with them in a more positive way. The sessions have opened me up to focusing on my life purpose and helped me to discover the creativity that has been hidden inside for so long.

2.  Describe Bonnie’s coaching approach and style. What was it in this process with her that you connected with?

Bonnie is a warm hearted, kind and compassionate woman with a wide range of interests and gifts. Bonnie’s openness to listening without judgement and gentle guidance allowed me to connect with her and fully participate in the healing process. I always looked forward to our sessions and her guidance on how I could work to heal my life.

3.  Would you recommend Senses Mindfulness Coaching to your family, friends, colleagues and’/or professional networks? Why?

Absolutely, I believe in many alternate healing modalities and believe that mindfulness coaching sees the person as a whole rather than the sum of many parts. It looks to heal the mind, body and spirit which is completely overlooked in western medicine. I have been on anxiety medication on and off for 15 years. Only now through the work with Bonnie, I am able to say that I for the most part have my anxiety in check. I am able to recognize when it is rising and deal with it appropriately without allowing the anxious thoughts to take over. I can sleep through the night without waking up at 3:00 having rushing thoughts. If I do happen to wake up I have tools to help ease my mind and fall back to sleep quickly.

4.  How did this process transform and assist in your personal and/or professional growth and development?  How and what did you heal?

The process has really helped give me direction in my life with regards to following my passions. I am currently on the path to starting a small business on the side which has given my life a great deal of meaning. (I am a single mom and struggled a lot with what to do with myself when my daughter is with my ex husband- an extreme narcissist) My daughter and my job give my life a lot of meaning, however connecting with my creative side in a way that I never really pursued at length has helped me heal so many areas of my life. I am a perfectionist, I have 2 degrees and a masters in education technology. I think for many years I searched for meaning through learning and emerging myself in the pursuit of higher education. I now realize that I need to give myself time to rest and focus on the things that fill my soul (art and yoga, and teaching art). I also have more effective strategies for taking care of myself when my ex husbands narcissistic personality disorder rages.

5.  What was the single most important gain/positive outcome that stands out for you?

The ability to believe in myself and to recognize that I need to make time to take care of myself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It has also helped to teach me to live in the moment and be grateful for all of life’s lessons and blessings.