- Bunt
"Changes and transformation in our lives can resonate in the symbolic forms of music; in this way, music acts as a 'transformer of shared meaning."

YouTube Links

Dan Siegel: Neuroscience of Psychotherapy https://youtu.be/nrRGbdS_gSw

Dan Siegel Discusses Mindsight with the Dalai Lama Center https://youtu.be/6UVnjg3KHDQ

Dan Siegal: Mindfulness and Neuroal Integraion https://youtu.be/LiyaSr5aeho

Goldie Hawn & Dan Siegel : Power of Mindfulness to Help Children Focus https://youtu.be/1OdBXGHwNCk

Sir Ken Robinson:  Educating the Heart and Mind https://youtu.be/I1A4OGiVK30

Daniel Goleman: Goleman on Mindfulness https://youtu.be/C9jF5aoZkmk

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