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"Changes and transformation in our lives can resonate in the symbolic forms of music; in this way, music acts as a 'transformer of shared meaning."

REINVENT - Workplace Wellness Workshop

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REINVENT: A Workplace Wellness Workshop
Register at info@sensesmindfulness.com or call 403-519-1959
November 25th, 1-3 pm @ Sole Path Institute (www.solepath.org ),Cost: $65/person (include snacks, beverages, venue, resources and facilitator)
Are you seeking to discover a new way of responding and reacting in your workplace culture? Striving to create a habit of mind and action that is less knee jerk and more sensitive, compassionate and understanding, serving both you, your employees and your company at higher levels of awareness, self-control and productivity? 
What is the value add to you personally and professionally to be able to manage stress, deadlines, expectations more effectively while at the same time being crystal clear in the sense of who you are and how you show up every day?  Whether it be in your family system or your workplace system? 
Explore some personal strategies and tools that you can utilize to enhance your ability to cope, thrive and feel more fulfilled in how you serve the world and bring meaning to yourself and your life through music, mindfulness, expressive arts and improvisational movement. For more info go to www.sensesmindfulness.com


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