- Bunt
"Changes and transformation in our lives can resonate in the symbolic forms of music; in this way, music acts as a 'transformer of shared meaning."

GIM Guided Session Sample

This is a brief illustration of the type of music selection a potential client might be exposed to over the course of their music assisted mindfulness & coaching work.  This music selection can be used as a one of within the context of groups or is one of four selections used in a therapeutic music listening program called Quiet Music. 

All of the Guided Imagery and Music listen programs have been researched since the early 70’s when Helen Bonny began adapting the techniques learned in Spring Grove group research.  Her work and research continued to blossom at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in collaboration with Hanscarl Leuner and Daniel Brown.  Since its early inception and research Helen Bonny designed 18 music programs over the course of 16 years and are core to the practice of this work. 

Kenneth Bruscia modified some of these programs to create a collection of  10 CD’s however some of the selection had to be substituted.  Linda Keiser Mardis, Alison Short, Ruth Skaggs Sierra Stearns and Lisa & Joseph Summer have continued to develop and make modifications or building off of Bonny’s early pioneer work in this field to create other supportive and therapeutic listening programs to address other goals and needs arising from clinical work and studies over the years. 

The types of questions, tone and approach demonstrated here in this sample is all but one approach in which music assisted mindfulness and coaching are employed as each session and the interventions used are tailored to the goals and needs of the client from session to session.  There is consistency to the protocol used, but depending on what the client presents, programs are selected on the basis of what is shared during the pre-talk of the coaching session.  

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