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"Changes and transformation in our lives can resonate in the symbolic forms of music; in this way, music acts as a 'transformer of shared meaning."

An Awakened Family Retreat!

Who Will We Awaken:
Would you like to discover how to recreate honest, meaningful and quality connections with you family (immediate & extended) in this digital age when family systems and sense of authentic community is being compromised and challenged by the demands and expectations of the 21st Century?  If yes, then consider tapping into your wellspring of your family resources and strengths to renew and restore those important traditions, bonds & healthy communication patterns and dynamics which foster resiliency and stamina to go the long haul
What Will Be Awakened:
Embark on a family weekend retreat with your core family members to rekindle some of the most important connections and resources that individuals have to tap into.   Using the expressive arts, music, drumming, nature hikes/show shoeing, yoga and the art of reflective practices, laughter and mindfulness to facilitate deeper and meaningful connection with oneself and one’s loved ones so that health, wellness and balance can be fostered in the sacred space of your family.

The Setting – Folk Tree Lodge

Your accommodations

   When Will Awaken Happen:
November 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2018. Check in -  November 2nd @ 4 pm.  Check out -  November 4th @ 3 pm.
Where is this Awakening:
Located at the beautiful Folk Tree Lodge (http://folktreelodge.ca ), Bragg Creek
   How do I Register to Awaken:
Register via email at info@sensesmindfulness.com or call 403-519-1959 to have an information package sent to your family.  The cost per family of 4, is $1400 (or $350/person) which includes accommodations, food, facilitator fees and GST).  All bedding and supplies are included in this fee.  Registration deadline is Oct 19, 2018 and fees must be paid in full via e-transfer. 
Why Awakened Family:
Ask yourself how important peace of mind and peace within your family is worth to you?   Often the value add is priceless…. Contact Bonnie for more information today  !


Awakened Family Retreat

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